Y. I. C. SINJOOR      

25th INTERNATIONAL YOUTH TOURNAMENT for youth and young adults (

24, 25, 30, 31 October en 01 November 2020


Name of the tournament: 25th J.I.C. Sinjoor International Youth Tournament.
This international youth tournament (scratch) is organized for youth players in regulation with their national
federation and for the Y.I.C. members of the different national YIC-Clubs. Only amateur players with an official
federation license are allowed to participate in the tournament. The tournament will be organized and played in
Bowling Stones, Autolei 113, 2160 Wommelgem, on 24, 25, 30, 31 of October and 01 November 2020. The
tournament is sanctioned by the BTBF under number 2021/01.
The tournament is organized by Bowling club Y.I.C. SINJOOR.
Organizing Committee:

4. The contestants will be classified according to the official player lists of the BTBF. Foreign players with a Belgian
license need to present their BTBF-License at the subscription in the tournament. Foreign players with a Belgian
license will present the license of their national Federation (Article 226 of the BTBF-Rules).
5. The bowling rules of the BTBF and the FIQ-WTBA are applicable. Only amateur players are allowed to the
6. One Re-entry per player is allowed. A player, who made a reservation for a re-entry, will be obligated to pay for this
7. Entry fees:

8. The subscriptions are addressed to: GOOSSENS Arny, Oudebaan 123, 2970 Schilde,
E-Mail: <> - Tel.: 03/384.28.02 - GSM: 0495/524167
The entry fee is to be paid at the moment of presentation in the tournament. Players of a club in a radius of less
than 150 kilometers of the organizing Bowling center will play their qualifying games obligatory in the first weekend
of the tournament. Exceptions to his rule can be allowed by the organizing committee.
9. The maximal number of players per lane is fixed at three. In case there are more than 60 semi-finalists, the
maximum will be 4 per lane in the semi finals.
10. The allocation of the starting lanes will be done by the organizing committee following the subscriptions and before
the start of the qualifying round.
11. The tournament will be played in 6 separate categories (boys and girls separate):

12. Format:
The number of qualifying games will be six played in American style. The players will change lanes after every
game. After the qualifying round the qualified players, minimum 25% per category with a minimum of 3 and a
maxilmum of 9 players  will play the semi finals. In case of a tie the player with the lowest difference between
the highest and lowest game will go through to Final Step 1.
After the first weekend, a special ranking will be made up. The first seeded in each category will
qualify automatically to the semi finals; on the condition, this player would not already be qualified for
the semi finals (as mentioned here above). The score a player qualifies with will be applied in the semi
Final Step 1 (semi finals): The semi finals will be played over 3 games in European style. The pins of the
qualifying series are carried forward. The 2nd and 3rd seeded after Final Step 1 will go through to Final Step 2.
The 1st seeded will go directly to Final Step 3. In case of a tie a roll-off over 2 frames (9th and 10th frame) will
Final Step 2 (knockdown): After the semi-finals the 3rd seeded will play 1 game against the 2nd seeded in
European style. In case of a tie a roll-off over 2 frames (9th and 10th frame) will be played. The winner of this
game goes through to final step 3.
Final Step 3 (knockdown): The first seeded of Final Step 1 will play 2 games against the winner of Final Step 2
in European style. The player with the highest pin fall in these 2 games is the winner of the tournament. In case
of a tie a roll-off over 2 frames (9th and 10th frame) will be played. The winner of the roll-off then wins the

13. The participants are obligated to wear bowlingclothing showing the name or logo of their club. Wearing of jeans is
not allowed. No player is allowed to smoke, to consume alcoholic beverages or to eat during the tournament in the
player’s area. It is also forbidden to use mobile phones of any kind in the player’s area. The Bowling center is
equipped with an automatic scoring system. Each complaint regarding the correctness of the scores has to be
done within 15 minutes after the official publication of the results of each squad. Only official coaches or trainers
are allowed in the player’s area. They are obliged to register along with the subscription of their players. The players
are obliged to be present in the Bowling center at least 30 minutes before the start of the moment they have to play
and to register their presence immediately at the registration table. If a player arrives too late for a preliminary or
final game, the player cannot take part in that squad or Final Step. A player who does not play the Final Step, which
he or she qualified for, looses every right on any price in the tournament. A game cannot be caught up in any case,
neither any single frame. Each contestation, not mentioned in these rulings, will be settled by the Organizing
Tournament Committee.
        Important :     It is not allowed to bring own drinks within the bowling center. Each player will
receive a bottle
      of water (0,5 liter) per inscription and according his choice (included in the entry fee)
14. Guaranteed price fund (Places 1 to 3): €  4.500,00 in prizes
Per Category (Boys and girls separate):

Trophy Y.I.C. Sinjoor: lowest difference between high and low game
Extra prize : for the first perfect game in this tournament (next perfect games : official charter)
Goossens Arny Tournament Manager
Callens Vicky Treasurer
Haest Danny Secretary
Huyskens Geert IT Solutions
Category Lane Rental Honorary Fee Total Re-entry
   A Pupils   € 25,00   € 15,00   € 40,00   € 35,00
   B Preminims   € 25,00   € 20,00   € 45,00   € 40,00
   C Minims   € 25,00   € 20,00   € 45,00   € 40,00
   D Schoolers   € 25,00   € 20,00   € 45,00   € 40,00
   E Juniors   € 25,00   € 20,00   € 45,00   € 40,00
   F Seniors   € 25,00   € 25,00   € 50,00   € 45,00
Category Rule
   A Pupils    born before 01/06/2014 and after 31/05/2010
   B Preminims    born before 01/06/2010 and after 31/05/2008
   C Minims    born before 01/06/2008 and after 31/05/2006
   D Schoolers    born before 01/06/2006 and after 31/05/2004
   E Juniors    born before 01/06/2004 and after 31/05/2002
   F Seniors    born before 01/06/2002 and after 31/05/1995
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Total
   A Pupils    € 120,00   € 80,00    € 50,00    € 500,00
   B Preminims    € 150,00    € 90,00    € 60,00    € 600,00
   C Minims    € 150,00    € 90,00    € 60,00    € 600,00
   D Schoolers    € 200,00    € 120,00    € 80,00    € 800,00
   E Juniors    € 200,00    € 120,00    € 80,00    € 800,00
   F Seniors    € 300,00    € 180,00    € 120,00    € 1200,00
Rules available for download in multiple languages!